Someone who has been pranked by this video is known to have been cupchicked.
Get your flatmate cupchicked with the cup chicks movie, record it and put it on youtube.
by Captain Knob October 18, 2007
Top Definition
1. Two lesbians that shit in a plastic cup, puke on it, eat it.
That Kid gets off with Cup Chicks.
by UltimateBlitzkrieg September 19, 2007
2 chicks sharing human feces in a cup, eating it and throwing it up after that en the other chicks´ mouth.
Girl 1 "YUUUM Let´s play cupchicks friday afternoon shall we?"

Girl 2 "no i don´t really want to eat shit anymore"
by kazaehawk October 15, 2007
The grossest shock sex video on the net. Makes goatse and lemon party look tame. People who et sucked into the site have been cupchicked.
Dude, have you been to yet?
by Captain Knob October 18, 2007
1. Two girls, one cup.

2. An extremely fucked up situation.
I dumped my girlfriend when I found out she was a cupchick.
by Brova October 28, 2007
the most awesome pr0n known to man.
Justin: Dude you should totally check out it turns me on

Adrian: foo shoo man i totally check that shit out every day
by we love cup chicks October 16, 2007
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