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Not only is this individual a cunt, but they are also as dumb as an ox. This is about as insulting as one can be.
Look at that great big cuntox over there. What a fucktard.
by BlackHawk May 09, 2003
A word derived from the combination of being cunted, as in messy through drug use and being intoxicated with alcohol.

Going out on a proper bender and hitting it so hard that you can barely control your bowels, yet you feel like a king.

"I've had a cocktail of drugs and a flagon of sambucca. I am feeling proper cuntox. I'm hammered. It's 11 in the A.M. but do you know what, I am the boy. Let's keep rockin'."
by Cunty monty cunto August 09, 2006
As opposed to buttocks. A slang term for the vaginal lips. Derived from buttocks to create cuntox.
She had big cuntox!
by Buddah November 02, 2003
Someone who gives hand jobs for drugs, Usually crack
I was walking down the street and saw that Cuntox Shannon offering hand jobs for crack
by Mark November 25, 2003
frustration at failure, or doing something stupid
Set the scene: Down sind par five, definite birdie hole - you snipe your drive out of bounds - logical next step - shout "cuntox"
by John1 Murphy April 14, 2008
Powdered cunt (gravox) mixed with beer.
Hey look over there, i wouldn't mind some of that cuntox.
by Eddy the cuntox August 31, 2005
Cuntox is a derogatory term whose etymology is a blend of cunt and the name of the commercial cleaning solution Dettox. Its usage originates in London.
Lucinda's an effing cuntox!
by Tom Marshall June 03, 2004