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Especially in the UK, any pretentious person who sits outside a coffee shop sipping lukewarm cappuccino, latte or any other poncey European beverage whenever the rain stops for ten minutes. Usually middle-class women in huge, oversized sunglasses proclaiming "oh my GOD!!!" every other sentence.
"For fuck sake. you can't move on this street anymore. Fucking cuntinentals have taken up all the space."
by 7Kev7 October 04, 2007
1. Continent-dwelling c*nt.

2. Overpopulation personified.

Used to describe the hordes of unwashed, warlike peoples that inhabit the cuntinents.
"The hotel was crowded with cuntinentals, there wasn't a complimentary anything left in sight."

"I hear the cuntinentals are killing each other again."
by Adam X Smith September 12, 2012