A person who is completely useless.
Person 1: "There she is, sleeping on the job again..."
Person 2: "Dude, what a fucking cunt hair."
by NChick1987 January 29, 2006
A measurement representing very very small
I was a cunt hair away from hitting that deer
by Lax2live October 10, 2011
Again used for small measurements, typically used in Canadian construction. Can be altered by adding in "Make it a red head", which usually means, just a little more.
Hey Bob, cut a cunthair off that 1/2 inch copper pipe. Make it a red head.
by Rocketman1973 December 14, 2011
A term usually used in Military applications, and often abbreviated to just CH (or Charlie-Hotel in phonetics.) Is is often looked upon as the second smallest possible unit of measurement outside of Scientific applications, the smallest being a Red Cunt Hair (RCH/Romeo-Charlie-Hotel.)

It holds no exact translation into either the US Standard or the Metric Systems, and is an extremely variable term. The closest possible definition is: an approximation of an extremely small increment.
"Sergeant! Please move that Bradley over, just a CH though."

"Holy Shit! I just caught one in the plate! Had that been a Cunt Hair over to the left, I'd be a dead man, Sir!"
by Gunther Gewehr November 20, 2011
A "cunt hair" is the second smallest unit of measurement, used for nearly infinitesimal distances.
Example : Scotland were within a cunt hair of freedom, but instead chose to continue to suck Britain off within a cunt hair of its life
by therealmidgeconnor November 15, 2014
a very small increment of measurement.
waitress: do you want ketchup on your eggs?
patron: just a cunt-hair

Girl 1: your gas light just came on, we should stop somewhere.

girl2: nah, we can get there on just a cunt-hair
by temple tattoo April 07, 2010
The smallest unit of measure used for all applications during Marine Corps Recruit Training.
no more than a cunt hair of space allowed
by ziggytpp November 04, 2011
A unit of measurement equal to approximately three-thousandths of an inch - approximately the thickness of a sheet of paper. Frequently used in industrial and construction environments.
"Move that board over just a cunthair before you nail it in place."
by KPY February 07, 2008
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