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A special white powdery substance that major skanks use on their hairy snatch in order to somewhat control the aggressive spread of crabs.
Example:Cindy was licking Lisa's snatch and commented, "Hey, you don't have too many crabs in your bush today baby" to which Lisa replies, "Shit bitch, I guess that new cunt powder I bought is starting to work"

Cindy found a jar of extra strength cunt powder in her emo girlfriend's medicine cabinet. She asked her butch lez partner, "Why do you have extra strength cunt powder in your don't have that many crabs...?".

Her girlfriend smiled and said..."No, I don't...thanks to Furfag brand extra strength cunt powder, I hardly have any crabs at all."
by Kronen V May 06, 2010
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1. Being ignorant, a dumbass, a dick head, an asshole, and/or a pussy shit.
2. Excess from an old woman.
1) Ryan: Let's go and smoke.
Garris: There's a cop right there, cunt powder.

2)Ryan: And then she let off all this cunt powder.
by iChar May 11, 2006
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