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One cunt's constant use of the word CUNT and everybody else starts to use the word CUNT as well.
Cunt 1: Alright you cuntfuck
Cunt 2: Hey
Cunt 1: How are you cunt?
Cunt 2: Wow i am a cunt
Cunt 1: Mate i think you've developed cunt syndrome
by cunt lover 5 March 09, 2011
A.k.a CS.
Discovered by a brotherhood of high school students, Cunt Syndrome is the full embodiment of what is wrong with teenage females in the present day.
The characteristics of CS are as follows
-bitches about the most insignificant things
-fights with the friends that have had her back "forever"
-drives wildly
-"likes" or "loves" a different guy every month or so
-causes friends in the group to constantly pick between her and other friends
-when mad a fierce glean can be seen in the eyes
-usually a slightly odd hairstyle signifies the beginning of a new outbreak
-when the group stops and thinks about it, they no longer like her, at all
-other females in the group of friends start acting odd, just after the first
"Hey man, CS is in full swing today"-guy 1
"Broheme what she bitch about now?"guy 2
"Well one, look at her new hair, smh and two, she is bitching about how noone likes her in the group"guy 1
"We did like her, until she started bitching! theres always a damn problem"guy 2
"Yea broseph, Its a terminal case of Cunt Syndrome, we mine as well kill that bitch"guy 1
by BrosephUHS December 21, 2010
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