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Cunt_fucked adj Slang term used by students to describe being intoxicated with alcohol to the extent of losing control over normal functions. Other related terminology drunk, pissed, battered, hammered, wasted, slaughtered, of your face/tits….

The word originated in a small village called Castleton, where a group of adventurous lufbra students were undertaking one of the most intellectually stimulating training they had ever seen.

The founder of this term a student originating from Stoke-on-Trent, and working as The Hoff lookalike, with sexuality in question.
1) "lets go and get cunt fucked"
2) "tonight boys shall we go for a swift beverage or two which may lead, out of no intention of our own to getting cunt fucked"
3) "last night i was cunt fucked"
4) "i cant remember, was too cunt fucked"
by just a passer by January 07, 2008
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