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Slang for Cunnilingus (alt sp. Cunnalingus).
Sid: How's your Tuesday night looking?

Dave:well i get out of work tomorrow at four.... so it shouldnt be too bad. but i havent really spent time with the mrs relaxing yet so i need to clear it with her first cause shes been talking about a night out.

Sid: word, give her some good cunna and she'll be golden...
by Dyssolve November 15, 2010

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Cunna is just another way of saying the C-Bomb, except its slightly less subtle and makes you sound aboriginal. It makes people think twice and you are more likely to get away with it and it's a little bit harsher. Like calling someone a white dog devil.
Hey, that bloke over there stole my shoes...what a cunna!
by kritticunt September 21, 2010