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A small town in Western Maryland. Consists mainly of people 50 years or older. Two high schools in cumberland: Eastern side is Fort Hill and the western side is Allegany. Huge rivals in football. Most of the teenage population either smokes weed or crack. Some drop acid in their eyes and others inject heroine in their tear glands so they don't show any signs of tracks. Most kids believe they are part of a gang but in reality the gangs are shitty. They actually make Lil Wayne look "Gangsta".
If you like drugs and want to be a part of a wannabe crip or blood gang, move to cumberland maryland. if youre black we'd love to pay you to do nothing with your life.
by dudesheusedtobang February 11, 2010
A small town in western maryland made up of mainly white foke bars and history. Lots of historic stuff to see.
George washintons old cabin from the war in downtown Cumberland Maryland.
by Mia Jensen June 23, 2008

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