a condom filled with your own excretion after masturbation and dropped off a tall building onto someone below
100 points if you drop it onto a prostitute
by Phil February 03, 2005
Top Definition
Cum bomb, when you dont shoot your load for a couple weeks and then you finally bust you nut on some fine hoe's face in a massive amount
how many guys have done this released a huge cum bomb :D
by Corn for real June 16, 2008
I shot of semen, usually ejected in a humorous manner.
Jon fired a cum bomb with tremendous force, putting Jessica's eye out.
by Mayhem May 31, 2003
Quickly masturbating and generating an enourmos amount of cum within the span of 3 seconds. Generally can be done many times in quick succesion, and mainly used to defile your enimies.
"I just dropped a cum bomb on your face!!!!!!"
by CumMasta July 15, 2009

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