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A girl who takes all your Jizz through means such as Fucking, Sucking or even a cheeky five knuckle Shuffle until you have nothing left to give! (See also Cum Dumpster & Jizz Wizard)
Man 1: I have nothing left to give..
Man 2: Why's that
Man 1: Ended up back at Capri's house last night
Man 2: Ah man! I hear she's a right Cum Thief!
#cum #jizz #fucking #sucking #five knuckle shuffle
by Fun Time Tigger May 18, 2009
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A girl who tries to steal your cum in order to have a baby. Dads all around the world should advise their boys that girls WILL steal your cum in order to get child support. This term was introduced by OMGITSFIREFOXX during a FACK BOII FRIDAY STREAM.
Sonja was named cum thief after she "tried to clean up the cum on the sheet." She later had a baby, got child support and lived happily ever after.
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by iiaequalisii May 06, 2016
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