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a butt fuck who sucks cum, or a cum sucking butt fuck.
"Ben Lynch is a cum sucker. Who is a butt fuck may I add.
by Jotaku December 20, 2004
71 46
One who delights in slorping down slippery loads of jizz. Although this term carries a negative connotation when applied to macho males, it is considered a positive attribute in women and homosexual men, such as myself.
I sucked and jacked his heavy cock until his balls exploded a clotted wad of jizz in my mouth---it tasted sour, but I swallowed it anyway because he was bigger and stronger than me. Then he patted my head and murmured, "Ben, you're one hell of a cum sucker."
by Ben Lynch December 19, 2004
134 53
a person who sucks on a guys dick and drinks his semen
C'mon, i've got some really tasty cum
by Sex Daddy February 25, 2005
61 14
One who swallows semen with joy.
Ingo is such a Cum Sucker.
by Tragic Johnson November 12, 2007
45 7
One who puts another persons penis in his mouth, sucking until it ejaculates, and then swallowing all of the cum.
Did you see Ingo swallow the whole load? He's a real Cum Sucker
by Tragic Johnson November 12, 2007
42 26
a person who sucks cum
I am such a fucking cum sucker
by Shithole June 05, 2003
40 27
Someone who enjoys putting long objects in their mouth.
Remember that Ingo Tragelehn from MTV's Real World? He was such a Cum Sucker.
by Longshaft McWormy November 03, 2007
10 8