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Freshen up gum, ie gum that squirts in your mouth.
Would you like some cum gum?
by BD February 07, 2004
109 28
noun: chewing gum that has a juicy center and squirts its juices into the mouth(s) of those who partake of it.
After our extended french kissing and feeling each off, Tammy knew I was getting ready to go down and suck her breasts when I would bring out a piece of cumgum. We would put in between our teeth gingerly, and then join our mouths. Then we would crunch the cumgum. Occasionally, I would also apply some of the cumgum to her breasts, clit, and little man in the boat, but I always used the spearmint flavor because the cinnamon was a bit hot, almost to the point of being caustic.
by Sex luver September 12, 2007
13 3
One whose mouth is filled with Semen..
After head, she had Cum Gums due to the exploding cock
by Mr. McNasty December 02, 2008
11 2
Gum that somebody simaltainiously "spunked" in.
hey man want some cum-gum?

hell no, get the fuck outta here before i poo your jaw bitch

but this gum is good

fuck off freak
by jackson douche April 23, 2011
2 0
When a spray of sperm is so huge,that a bitch can't even floss her gums.
You can't floss your teeth because you have cumgums.
by ro ca February 15, 2008
2 1
dried cum from oral sex left in ones mouth do to lack of hygeine.
sarah:youve got cum gum in your teeth. Jill:sorry i was with john last night.
by R3GSTA August 26, 2007
20 37
When a girl/guy is sucking sumone's dick and they have gum in there mouth.. that gum is called cum gum.. because there is cum in the gum.. and u continue to chew it!
LOL!! she has cum gum in her mouth.
by amber martin <3 December 12, 2004
35 61