The reason why the world hates each other.
Act 1:
Xperson: I love my X culture!
Yperson: I love my Y culture!

Act 2:
*Both cultures encounter*

Xperson & Yperson: I think your culture is bothering me!
Xperson & Yperson: Mine is better than yours!

Act 3:
by andersmusician January 06, 2010
a way of living
by KK September 03, 2003
A word used to draw attention, between friends, to an attractive foreign individual or group of the opposite sex.
Person 1: Duuuuuuuude! Check out the culture in the atrium!

Person 2: Dude no, put your glasses on.
by daojin June 25, 2009
CULT-ture ...or culture

gay,liberal and ruins your life
when society brainwashes you into ruining your life then enslaves you into their hives

see words cult and slave or slavery
by culture = shit May 06, 2004
A group that has gathered to create some type of cult of group thinking.
Notice how the Christian and Mayan cultures are similar, but slightly different. The Christians drank wine and bread that represented the flesh and blood of their human sacrifice and the Mayans sacrificed to there gods as well and committed cannibalism literally instead of philosophically. This may be the reason why the Mayan area of today has adopted a catholic culture.
by Mr. Illuminasty June 17, 2010
4 in Supreme Mathematics

one's way of living, meaning one's language (Wisdom), and customs (ways and actions)

also Freedom
Freedom, is to have a '"free-dome" (a liberated mind) or to lack restraints. The Original man's culture is Islam: (freedom, justice, and equality), which is peace.
by LiquidSwords October 12, 2005
Wasted on Americans.

You ask an American about art, he says "Art who?"
Yoghurt Culture for the masses
by Jackie Jameson May 02, 2006

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