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To make outlandish statements or actions simply for the purpose of seeing it's psychological effect on people and society.

Although the phrase's true origin is unknown, it best suits it's meaning. Cultural terrorism can be seen as similar to trolling, but with a sarcastic or tongue in cheek twist. Purposes are to entertain, scare, anger, and overall educate the victim.

Jesse, "Allright talk to you later baby, *blows kiss*"

John, "Yup, see ya *blows kiss back*"

WHAT HAPPENED: The heterosexual friends gave off a homosexual appearance to alienate their coworkers. Cultural Terrorism at work.
by AlanizWins April 19, 2010
Fomenting unwarranted division of one part of society against another part of the same society.
In order to effect its desired societal change, the foreign-owned media company engaged in a clandestine effort of cultural terrorism.
by sumnerln August 14, 2010
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