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Cuff lazy is the term used for someone who, through lack of concentration or simply being too choong, manages to spill the contents of a joint in the process of being rolled. This unfortunate mis-hap normally occurs in the outdoors or open places, where it normally requires two people to roll a joint to a good standard, one acting as a rest/holder of the Rizla®, while the other inserts the 'ingredients'. Wind, snow, and rain are all hazards when rolling outdoors, so take this into consideration when forced into this situation.
-2 stoner mates, in the park, rolling a spliff in hazardous rolling conditions.....the holder <Man 2> then drops contents.....-

-Man 1 to Man 2 (angrily)-
"Oh you fucking crackhead!"

-Man 2 in reply-
"Aaah sorry blud, the wind took it!"

-Man 1 to Man 2-
"You're cuff lazy ya cunt. Can't even cuff a joint properly. Wanker."
by Deano Bam Bino April 03, 2005
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