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A now extinct beverage offered by the pepsi corporation in the early 90's that was delicious. Came in flavors of regular, diet and citrus.
Crystal Pepsi - where did we go wrong???
by JenThe80'sFan October 18, 2003
mmm.. clear pepsi drink. Why did they stop making it!!???
(me) hey.. im buying a case of crystal pepsi of ebay!
(person i was talking to).. yeah.. but GIMME SOME!!!
by whitetiger16 August 03, 2004
A clear version of regular Pepsi in the early 90s in which it was stopped produced because of too much Nutra-Sweetener (i.e. it made people get hipper quicker).
He's all wound up on that Crystal Pepsi.
by Mike December 15, 2004
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