Someone who can eat a ton of food.
He went to the buffet 3 times? He is a crusher.
by Dizz March 09, 2005
Some evil guy who eats pancakes every tuesday
(Seal)-Are you eating panncakes crusher?

(Crusher)- No it's monday
by Sky_Seal July 02, 2003
a jerk who is Danish and claims to be Swedish and is bent on taking over the world and stopping the world from being taken over

see mental and retard for more explainations.
Person1:That guy is such a jerk. He's Danish and claims to be Swedish and is always trying to take over the world although he's always trying to stop someone from taking it over.

Person2: Just call him a crusher.
by Someone, not Isostealer April 18, 2004
Another description of a Girl that is larger than the usual THICK fat chick...
Person 1: *Turns head* Wow...couldn't miss that chick she was fucking huge !!!
Person 2: *Covers eyes* no way man..that bitch is THICK...
Person 3: No man....Shes a CRUSHER !!!
by Chinkzilla December 04, 2003
A woman pretends to give a man a hand-job, then takes his testicles and stomps on them. Four times.
by Fuck Face October 16, 2003
(noun) Lexus LX470; It's an overly large SUV which is nothing but a thinly disguised Toyota Land Cruiser; Hence "Cruiser" becomes "Crusher"
Person A: Are you going to pick her up in the Crusher?
Person B: Ugh, I hate driving that fat pig, I'll take the VW.
by You can call me...Tim July 24, 2005
Slang for danish and übersexy.
by crusher (yeah, really, it is me!) January 14, 2005

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