when u like someone, and u tell everyone, and then that person doesnt like u or doesnt want 2 go out with anyone yet
zoe: ur totally crushing on coby.
me: that cant happen. u were so crushing on kyle, and look what happened? he didnt want u.
zoe: thats y they call it a crush. somebody, namely you, will get crushed.
me: i am totally crushing on coby and im not getting crushed. im gonna tell him
zoe: and ill someday be smarter than a vegetable.
me: ur rite. its not happening.
by hot-holton-punk January 24, 2005
A boy/girl you think you like but, they probably don't like you back. Someone that crushes dreams.
Me: That's my crush over there.
Friend: Whatever, She won't go out with you.
Me: You're probably right.
by meVasili July 10, 2014
v to crush: to work really hard on, excel at, or just generally do with enthusiasm and serious skills. To do something with style and fervor, and with the intention of completion.
I'm going to crush my homework so I can go out.

Dude you crushed it on the dance floor last night.

Let's crush these last few episodes of True Detective before going to bed.
by pondy7 March 19, 2014
The best feeling in the world, but also the worst. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you stay away from anyone attractive. Crushes are the worst because they crush your heart and when the right person comes along, your heart will be too crushed from all your previous crushes that you cannot simply love another person ever again. BASICALLY CRUSHES ARE THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL.
Me: Nickolas is so hawt my heart skips a beat every time I see him. He is my last crush bc I'm marrying that sex god.
Megan: stfu he will never love you
Me: Bitch.
by Lickolas February 14, 2014
a feeling that first starts off.. before likeing them .. because well you only know some of them, not everything but some things about them, hoping you'll get to know them better.<3
i have a crush on Arin<3
by the one with the crush on arin December 15, 2012
The act of falling for someone 'a little bit lovely'. A complete state of fuzziness and warmth created by 'Onami' (meaning - the great wave).
1 "I'm crushing hard"
2 "I crush you like a whale on a peanut"
by heart24 June 12, 2011
The worst and best thing ever. You try to not stare at them, but they have a stupid face and you just end up staring. Everything they do makes your heartbeat faster. If they look at you, maybe even smile at you if you're lucky, will make your heart do the flippy-over thing. They will be the first thing you think about in the morning and the last thing at night. Unfortunately, they might like someone else. I'm very sorry if that happens to you. Having a crush is fun, but most of them end in heartbreak.
Person: "Whose your crush???"

Me: "A beautiful piece of shit."
by Space Ferret April 15, 2015

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