crush a word used to describe if something is destroyed and flattend at the same time. Someone can be crushed in a car crash. Your ipod can get crushed under the weight of a brick.
"Fuck you son of a bitch just crushed my arm!"
by jabobob March 02, 2008
A person that you might stalk on Facebook if he/she has one.
A person that will make you fuzzy inside and the reason you sleep late everynight. They might be celebs or a guy/girl across the classrom, but they feel like a world away.
They make you cry without them knowing.
Most of them are unattainable

It hurts if they already have someone or they turned out to be gay

But if you're lucky enough, they also might have feeelings for you
Girl:OHMYGOSH!!!! I totally have a crush on this guy!!!!
Person: yeah, I had one in high school
Girl: what happened?
Person: He was gay
by TheHopelessOne January 13, 2012
1) Verb. Mild romantic inclinations towards somebody. Most common in young teens although can happen to anybody. They are often non-sexual and can be very awkward for everyone involved. They are most common in females but can often occur in males too. The crush could be both somebody they know or a celebrity.
2) Noun. A person who is being crushed(1) on.
1) She has such a massive crush on Zac Efron. It was funny when she was younger but now it's just embarrasing.

2)She's making an extra effort with her hair today because somebody told her that her crush might be there.
by AngelofLily August 06, 2009
stupid people who you should not be liking bcuz you dont not have time for this person. unless they like you.
i am only stopping you from your broken heart.
girl: hey i have a crush on someone...
person: forget him. he is useless...
person: i have had many crushes and they ended up breaking my heart..
by lilcrazy0916 November 14, 2008
when u like someone, and u tell everyone, and then that person doesnt like u or doesnt want 2 go out with anyone yet
zoe: ur totally crushing on coby.
me: that cant happen. u were so crushing on kyle, and look what happened? he didnt want u.
zoe: thats y they call it a crush. somebody, namely you, will get crushed.
me: i am totally crushing on coby and im not getting crushed. im gonna tell him
zoe: and ill someday be smarter than a vegetable.
me: ur rite. its not happening.
by hot-holton-punk January 24, 2005
Person you like and/or attracted to

They call it a crush because it crushes your soul and everything you stand for
I am so crushing on him
Her crush is so cute
by Ineedoflove December 26, 2013
a feeling that first starts off.. before likeing them .. because well you only know some of them, not everything but some things about them, hoping you'll get to know them better.<3
i have a crush on Arin<3
by the one with the crush on arin December 15, 2012

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