a crush is when you have a sexual or emotional desire to be with someone who is special or attractive to you.having a crush can make you feel or different emotions from happy to sad and confident to shy. There are different type of crushes: the friendly crush, the admiration crush, the passing crush and the romantic crush.
e.g I have a crush on you
by a crush is when you have a sex August 12, 2015
Mean that you like someone but don't want to tell that person
I love Kate she is my crush but she doesn't knew yet
by Fhrjfjfjf July 24, 2015
That one person that you desire to be with, that also may ruin your whole school year because of how much you want to be with them but don't have the nerves to ask them out.
you thinking: I wonder if they like me back, nah thats like impossible. T.T its like a dream that i know will never come true.
your crush: hi!

you thinking: omg omg omg omg he/she is talking to me! ok act natural.
You: hi :)

you thinking: she/he talked to me she/he ACTUALLY FREAKING TALKED TO ME! YUSSSSSSS
then again it's just a hi :(
by A <3 July 22, 2015
The term "crush" is used to describe the feeling of desire to be with a certain person. Not to be mixed with lust.
Mainly happens throughout the pre-teen and teenage years, but can happen in adulthood as well.
Person 1: You know that person over there?
Person 2: Yeah. What about them?
Person 1: They have a crush on someone.
by MyiPhoneBroke March 15, 2015
a very sad feeling, falling inlove with someone who will never love u :'(
I feel crushed, by my crush.
by i dun no May 22, 2005
how you feel when they don't feel the same way in return
I have a hopeless crush on someone I have no chance with.
by xxdolphins&flowersxx December 02, 2015
When little kids like a person for no fucking reason
I have a crush on the new girl
by the d hi d nod NJ db November 10, 2015
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