a very sad feeling, falling inlove with someone who will never love u :'(
I feel crushed, by my crush.
by i dun no May 22, 2005
That one person that you think you say you "love" but really you just deeply care about them. Typically it goes away. This person usually ends up breaking your heart so hurry and get over it.
Sarah: Hey becky look it's luke!!
Becky: Didn't he break your heart?
Sarah: So what he's my crush!
by Purplepenguin April 11, 2015
A person for which you have affectionate/sexual thoughts about. Crushes tend to keep you up at night, not buy aggressively participating in intercourse with you, but by making you think of their absolute beauty. Legends state that some of us get out of the "crush-zone" and into actual dating but sadly those are pure myths and you will forever be masturbating to the thought of your crush whispering "mayonnaise" into your ear while strocking your leg, in a hot dog costume.
"Hey Johanna, did you get out of the crush-zone with Liam?"
"No, nobody does"
by catfish.chick August 14, 2014
A person you like and find attractive.
This usually goes around middle school and high school.
Nicole: "Hey, Averi, who's that guy you're checking out?"
Averi: Oh, he's just a guy in my math class."
Nicole: "Oooh, does Averi have a crush?" *winks*
Averi: *Blushes* Oh, shut up.
by rinaaomg May 23, 2014
The verb for smoking a cigarette.

Also see; squid
Yo dude, I just crushed a dirty squid.
It's my break at work, I'm going to crush a squid.
by sit69 September 17, 2013
maybe the second worst feeling in the world first is a big break up'(love). when your 'Crush' crushes your heart. thats why their called crushes :(, but then you get the occasional lucky ones that get any girl/boy they want.
i got a crush on luke:)
(somtime later)
luke says somthing mean and called you ugly. and makes you feel sad.depressed/useless/ that stuff
by grapeJEWcis January 07, 2012
A feel of your heart breaking slowly over many days or weeks knowing that they cant and will never love you the same way. Even though you feel like you floating on air when they smile at you, and get butterflies in you tummy when they talk to you. Tell them and see what they say, but be warned you may get hurt, or even teased after, but then you can move on.
I have a crush in him , but I'm a knowbody.
by allycat794 December 25, 2011

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