have sex, for use when "fuck" is deemed too inappropriate
"I ain't a player, I just crush a lot"
by Fontaine June 04, 2005
a very sad feeling, falling inlove with someone who will never love u :'(
I feel crushed, by my crush.
by i dun no May 22, 2005
The act of liking someone who does not like you back. Many boys have first crushes on teachers; young girls first view their older brother's friends as their crushes.

Crushes are not meant to become relationships. Once it's a relationship, it's no longer a crush. In most instances, a relationship would be socially or legally inappropriate due to age, status, power of authority, etc.

Crushes should not fall into the "does s/he like me" category. If it's your crush, she doesn't like you.
I had a crush on my 6th grade teacher, but only because he reminded me so much of my dad.
by Derp-D-Derp May 17, 2013
to drink, usually pertaining to beer. popularly used in the boston area.
i'm goin to the crater to crush some stews.
by jaCorrey Lewis December 05, 2011
when you fall in love with a girl and she don't even notice youre thare.
dude, i started cutting because i realized that my crush hated my fucking guts im just a poor fucking emo kid
by Allahan October 23, 2010
To win, or strongly dominate a competition
I crushed Mike in a game of spades
by Awele July 12, 2005
a little thing where u like someone because they are "hott" or cool or something. its completely different than love. when you are in love youd die for that person and if you care that much about a person and they tell u its just a crush dont listen to em cuz there wrong.
i have crushes on a lot of guys, but i could never be so in love with anyone but him.
by brooke8 September 14, 2005

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