Try and avoid - the clue is in the name, when you fall for someone and it's unrequited, your heart is crushed.
Guy: Look, I'm really sorry, but it will never work out for us.
(Girl's heart crushes.)
by HappyGirl1993 October 23, 2010
one of the shortest loves you will find in your life, but easily the most intense love you will ever come across.

You will come across a few of these a year, usually 3 or more, but a real crush is when you are in love at first sight physically, and fall deep for that person emotionally afterwards, lasting for a very long time, not just a fake one week relationship. Both sides, in the end, will not come out perfectly and one person usually comes out extremely scarred emotionally, and it takes a while to get out of.
i started crushing on her at first sight, but i've been falling in and out of love with her the whole year
by matt jansing February 06, 2008
n. An immature (as in not developed) attraction to another person. Usually one of two kinds: the initial attraction you feel towards someone (love at first sight), or an attraction to someone who you won't get the chance to date, such as a celebrity. It can also be a young child's immature attraction to someone much older.
Synonyms: infatuation, puppy love

vb. To have a crush on someone.
Synonyms: like, desire
My best friend always made fun of my crush on that popular boy.
I was crushing on the star singer of a rock band.
by sakuraraine March 05, 2006
1. To pulverize, to destroy with force
2. A childish reference to someone you're in puppy love with.
3. Hopeless infatuation with a person.
"All my dreams have been crushed!"

"I have a crush on Jon; he is so cute!"
by Paresthesia November 23, 2005
The #1 cause of death, most commonly in teenagers. In other words, it means that you have some sort of maddening obsession over a boy or girl and you just CAN'T stop thinking about them. Oh, and you 'like' them. Lots. Like, 'like like'.
Donna had a crush on this boy down the street. He was your regular, cute, boy that seemed just perfect for her. The crush got so insane that she was starting to think she was having obsession problems and resorted to going to see a shrink.
by crotchetyteenager November 23, 2010
A desire to be with someone and make them happy, no matter what it takes.

In other words, painful.
I have a crush on that girl...
by Shoomkin October 25, 2009
If you have a crush on somebody it means that you have strong emotions towards them.

When you have been crushed that most likely means that the person that you like has found out about your liking them and they have rejected you.

Hence the reason why it is called a crush.
"Do you still have a crush on Jessica??"
by Tecoa April 27, 2007
"Crush" in the relationships/love sense can have two meanings.

Meaning 1:

The "puppy love" or "OMGSOHOTIWANNADOHIM/HER" kind of crush. The kind when you see someone attractive or cute, you'll basically love them. Most commonly associated with adults such as teachers and celebrities (Brad Pitt and Jessica Alba being common ones). 99.9% of the time, these crushes aren't serious, just a silly little infatuation. Some girls/guys may keep posters of their celebrity crush, masturbate to them or really just like them for the sake of their friends.

Meaning 2:

The REAL kind of crush. When you have a good-looking or nice/funny/generous/etc friend of the opposite sex (or same sex if that's your thing) or an acquaintance/stranger such as "the guy/girl in my class". In the case of a stranger or acquintance, it COULD be Meaning 1, but if you find yourself a bit more.. obsessed, then it's Meaning 2.

These crushes are painful to experience, but also exciting and addictive to experience. Even if you feel you might not ever get to go out with your crush, you still enjoy the adrenaline and excitement of having a crush; having him/her talk to you, seeing him/her around school/college/university, and reading his/her Facebook or MySpace.

Crushes tend to have a 50/50 success rate. Some fail, some succeed, so keep optimistic!
Meaning 1 Examples:

Karmia has a crush on Matt Damon ever after watching his Bourne films. She has his autograph and has a poster of him upon her wall. She knows she'll never go out with, he's a celebrity and probably forgot who she was by now, but she still admires his looks. Just like Jamie has a hot Physics teacher who he'd love to do, of course, she's 35 and married with 2 children, he's only 17. So no chance, but he enjoys playing with his imagination.

Meaning 2 Examples:

Steph has a crush on a guy that was in her Geography class. She thinks he's hot initially, BUT also finds he's a nice and humorous person, she speaks to him every now and again, but he has no idea she's crushing on him. Luckily, he is single, and she is speaking to him more and will eventually go out with him. Of course, bad news for Ben who has a crush on his female best friend, Olivia, because he's just found out she's going out with a boy named Daniel.
by Crusherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr October 02, 2009
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