Try and avoid - the clue is in the name, when you fall for someone and it's unrequited, your heart is crushed.
Guy: Look, I'm really sorry, but it will never work out for us.
(Girl's heart crushes.)
#feelings #heartache #requited #unrequited #puppy love
by HappyGirl1993 October 23, 2010
v. the process by which people are killed when thrown beneath a steam-roller or other placed in between two solid surfaces with force being applied toward them that the body cannot withstand.
Sumbuddy: Hey, hao es your familie?
Guy: They got crushed by a bus and died.
Sumbuddy: Daz so sad...wanna get iscreem?
by Ken R. November 22, 2004
A crush is the most painful thing you could ever endure in your life other than someone breaking your heart...Oh wait, theyre the same thing. If you want to hurt, just have a crush on someone. Especially if your best friend is one of the prettiest girls in the school! You have to live with that. If you ever take the risk of having your crush find out that you like him, be prepared for the consequences. Him not liking you, him embarrasing you forever, and him liking your best friend. It hurts so much, and it will be hard for you to like new people forever, just because of one guy, one time. Good luck. I dont wish this punishment on anyone, because it hurts so bad, and I can never come back from it, but I still care about him, always. Dont hit me:(
I love him. Therefore he harnesses his power to hurt me and express his love for my best friend. A crush gone wrong.
#love #hate #lies #crush #obsession #death #crying #sadness
by KayleeEmoFreak November 09, 2005
A way your hormones express themselves as an alternative to lust, not real love, emotional affection often resulting in obsession, feelings you have towards someone for no logical reason that cause you to think about them more than anything else when you see that someone, ending a crush can be a painful experience
Person 1: I have a crush on so and so.

Person 2: Why?

Person 1: I don't know, I just do.
#crush #puppy-love #love #obseesion #emotional affection #affection #feelings #alternative to lust
by miniCooper0000 September 23, 2008
A different sort of love to describe. having a crush on someone is imagining them with you, but never actually happening. It's a cold, empty romance that will never be filled.
don't ever crush on someone, because it'll always end in pain.
#love #heartbreak #lust #romance #heart
by darn it I cant think of a name December 19, 2005
Crushes are a wonderful feeling. Every time you see that special person your heart beats and you try to hide a smile. You want to stalk him or her. Crushes are also painful. You like this person, a lot, and yet, you may not know if he or she feels the same way. Your best friend may live next door to him or her and be really good friends with your crush, yet every time she or he talks to him or her, it pains you. You think he likes her or she likes him. Then there is the prettiest girl in your class and he sits with her. You may think he likesh er just because he talks to her. Then, the school yeari s coming to a close. You feel really depressed. You just want to scream to him or her: I REALLy like you and hope you feel the same way. Or you really want to know if he or she has the same feelings for you, or if they like someone else. It would help you feel so much better. Sometimes, even though I find it weird, I still cry about all of the emotional problems I'm having. I also obsess over my crush with my friend. We obssess over our crushes together. If you want, you could also write that special person a note and then sign your name. Crushes are wonderful, but very painful, thus the word: crush.
You: I really like so-and-so.
Friend: I know. He's cute. Look there's my so-and-so!
You: lets watch him play basketball.
Friend: FINE
You:ohh look! he has the ball. Oh, he missed, but it was still a nice shot. My crush is adorable!
#love #crush #friend #you #he #she #obssess #together #emotional #problem
by S.E.L June 07, 2007
When you feel like you're falling inlove, but you only end up falling...
I had the biggest crush on him, until I found out he was a jerk.
#crushing #fling #love #puppylove #crushe
by *onlyme* March 23, 2006
An infatuation you develop over another person. It will cause you to think about them every hour of everyday. It is the worst thing that can happen, causing a lot of stress and heartbreak. It can and probably will keep a real relationship from developing if you are shy and inexperienced. Best way to avoid it: if you feel attracted to someone, talk to them right away and every chance you can, whatever you do!!!!
A crush is an illusion that makes you think you know someone, but it is actually keeping you from really knowing them.
#puppy love #infatuation #stress #love #heartbreak
by man on the computer October 21, 2007
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