Try and avoid - the clue is in the name, when you fall for someone and it's unrequited, your heart is crushed.
Guy: Look, I'm really sorry, but it will never work out for us.
(Girl's heart crushes.)
by HappyGirl1993 October 23, 2010
1. Noun. A temporary, quick to arise love that often has nothing to do with emotion. Also referred to as puppy love.

2. Verb. Hard fucking. Mostly used by a dude when referring to what he is going to do to a female or her vagina. Used in a similar way to tap.
1. "I think I'm in love" "chill bruh it's just a crush"
2.Have you seen that new teacher? She looks fresh outta college!" "Hell yeah, ima crush the jont"
by Longjohnh January 30, 2011
Dried up semen.Usually a day old.
"Whoa! There's crush all over your new black sheets!"
by BigWhiskey_And_TheGrooGruxKing April 21, 2009
v. To vigorously drink alcohol.

Crushington: n. One who crushes.
v. "I'm going to crush some brews after work."
"Dude, do want to go crush tonight?"
"Yeah, I could crush."
"Are you crushing?"
"I just crushed a case of Natty Light Ice."
Crushington, n.
"Hey Mr. Crushington, crush that tequilla shot!"
(The latter example is somewhat misleading, in that a Crushington would never need to be told to crush something).

by Nick Bombdan October 31, 2007
A noun describing something really cool.
"You should've gone to the club last night, that shit was crush."
by AZxdesertrat October 19, 2007 apply excessive force to an object

2.(slang) Consuming a certain substance or performing a certain activity with great style, prowess, and originality.
"Dude lets crush the new songs at band practice tomorrow!"

"Dude their new album is a crusher!"

"So, dude, wouldn't you agree Warhorse is the most crushing doom metal band ever?"

"hey lets go to my house and crush some bong loads"

"Lets go crush some beers at the beach! We'll make a pit stop at Wal Mart so we can steal some wood pallets to make a bonfire."
by kitchenstadium October 17, 2007
To do something well, often, quickly, emphatically, with gusto, etc. Also to smoke marijuana.
Jane - "I got a 96 on my bio exam"
John - "You crushed that shit!"

"Catch me in the parking lot crushing
drawin' donuts, twistin' els and puffing"
by saaanz March 07, 2008
to be dressed in a manner that can be destroyed as sexy, majestic, impressive, phat etc. but only if it undeniably gains the admiration of many females (causing a love crush).

see flossing
- I wore the black sweater with my black jeans and black T and black jacket and black kicks to the liberty science center
- I know damn B you was crushin.. you a bad motha fucka
by Bela Lugosi August 05, 2004

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