When you have a crush on someone it means you have developed a strong desire for another person. Eventually it may grow into true love or your feelings might wear away so don't jump into conclusions and mistake a silly crush for love. A crush might make you get butterflies in your stomach, shy, and blushful. Your crush can also cause you to do silly things like stalking him,figuring out his/her sceduled classes, looking at his/her myspace a million times a day (even reading all his/her comments), collecting every piece of information you can on him/her, and other obsessive things. There is a reason why a crush is called a crush though. It might hurt to find out your crush is taken--OUCH! But if you are truely still into this person DON'T let that stop you. There is still hope for the future. Until your desired lover is single again try developing a frienship! That way you'll always be an option. Good luck! ( :
Ps-Don't go OD on the stalker thing. Not only is it a turnoff--it's also pretty darn creppy...
Sometimes in school when you see you're crush walking down the hall the sounds of noisey fuckers come to a silence and everyone one fades away from your sight. Now all your see and hear is your crush glowing with a aurora like a beautiful god/godess.
by too shy for most guys October 17, 2006
The act of falling for someone a little bit lovely. A complete state of fuzziness and warmth created by 'Onami' (meaning - great wave).
1 "I'm crushing hard"

2 "I crush you like a whale on a peanut"
by heart24 June 21, 2011
a word that accompanies something you plan to do or that you are doing. has a huge variety of uses. used often by itself when stoned as shit and content with the situation. an expression of enthusiasm.
"wanna crush a bowl?"
"lets crush cig"
"crush that shit man"
"Crush..." (sometimes drawn out and baked sounding)
by KCMOPlanetrock January 10, 2011
stupid people who you should not be liking bcuz you dont not have time for this person. unless they like you.
i am only stopping you from your broken heart.
girl: hey i have a crush on someone...
person: forget him. he is useless...
person: i have had many crushes and they ended up breaking my heart..
by lilcrazy0916 November 14, 2008
A boy/girl you think you like but, they probably don't like you back. Someone that crushes dreams.
Me: That's my crush over there.
Friend: Whatever, She won't go out with you.
Me: You're probably right.
by meVasili July 10, 2014
The one person who will single-handedly destroy your existence.
My crush is right over there, kill me now.
by ckitty9 October 26, 2013
It is a feeling that makes one want to orbit another, which is usually temporary, meaningless, and is not received on the other side

Ie. the other person usually dosent even know nor feel the same way
eg. Girl1 to Girl2:
I totally have a crush on the football team captin!
Girl2 to Girl1: get over yourself, he dosent even know that you exist
by AyeshaAshy January 17, 2012
A person that you might stalk on Facebook if he/she has one.
A person that will make you fuzzy inside and the reason you sleep late everynight. They might be celebs or a guy/girl across the classrom, but they feel like a world away.
They make you cry without them knowing.
Most of them are unattainable

It hurts if they already have someone or they turned out to be gay

But if you're lucky enough, they also might have feeelings for you
Girl:OHMYGOSH!!!! I totally have a crush on this guy!!!!
Person: yeah, I had one in high school
Girl: what happened?
Person: He was gay
by TheHopelessOne January 13, 2012

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