When you have a crush on someone it means you have developed a strong desire for another person. Eventually it may grow into true love or your feelings might wear away so don't jump into conclusions and mistake a silly crush for love. A crush might make you get butterflies in your stomach, shy, and blushful. Your crush can also cause you to do silly things like stalking him,figuring out his/her sceduled classes, looking at his/her myspace a million times a day (even reading all his/her comments), collecting every piece of information you can on him/her, and other obsessive things. There is a reason why a crush is called a crush though. It might hurt to find out your crush is taken--OUCH! But if you are truely still into this person DON'T let that stop you. There is still hope for the future. Until your desired lover is single again try developing a frienship! That way you'll always be an option. Good luck! ( :
Ps-Don't go OD on the stalker thing. Not only is it a turnoff--it's also pretty darn creppy...
Sometimes in school when you see you're crush walking down the hall the sounds of noisey fuckers come to a silence and everyone one fades away from your sight. Now all your see and hear is your crush glowing with a aurora like a beautiful god/godess.
by too shy for most guys October 17, 2006
1. to admire from afar
2. the person you have feelings for
"I have a crush on William."
by So damn annonymous April 28, 2008
To eat. Consume. To eat something entirely, leaving no trace of what you were eating.
We totally crushed that bag of fritos!!
by peppattyisnotgay February 14, 2008
a really strong feeling for someone. you feel lyk u cnt live without them. somethimes a crush is a good thing but other times.. its the worst pain in the world. expessially when the person you have a crush on.. dosent feel the same.
i have a huuuge crush on him.. he knows but dosent care
by XxDeath-KittyxX May 30, 2007
To earn a one-sided victory over you opposition in a sport or game.
The Schoolhouse Rockers always crush against the Mighty Mutts Hockey Club.
by Nikthenyetminder February 13, 2005
to like someone for their looks only; not knowing someones personality and only thinking they are hott or extremely attractive
hey caroline, i think you are very cute therefore i have a crush on you, but since i do not know what your personality is like i cannot say that i like you.
by bammmfff78551512 January 09, 2009
a very painful/extrordinary thing most adolescents go through. it is when you develop an extrmeme fondness for someone of the opposite(same) sex. if its extreme enough. you might get butterflies in your stomach when in their presence, you'll be able to shut out everything in the outside world until that person eluminates like a god/goddess, and you'll long to be with that person for as long as you can imagine, but unfortunately with most things too good to be true, this is. This is why i mentioned the "Painful" at the beggining of this little seminar i am presenting. it is cold as ice when you realize they dont like you. I can imagine it isn't like this 100% of the time, but in my experience, EVERY SINGLE girl i have ever had a remote sense of intimacy with, i would either ask them out and they would say no(there have been a variety of excuses for this) or i would find out they dont like me... Bottom Line. try to avoid crushes, because 95% of the time, the person winds up exactly as the term implies... CRUSHED!!!
Me: Hey Arash. Dude i am Crushing SO HARD on Nikki...
ArasH: yeah, dude She is One of the hottest babes in this school!
Me: Unfortunately i heard she thinks im creepy because she overheard me call her hot, and shes a lesbo :(
Arash: well thats a crush for ya. You got crushed bro...
Me:yeah... fuck girls...
by EmoMason22 June 05, 2011
An invisible pain in your groin that you get when you find out someone you are attracted to is seeing another person.
She told me she had a boyfriend, and I felt like she had just kicked me in the groin and crushed my testicles.

by Mr.Sacman March 21, 2009

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