When you have a crush on someone it means you have developed a strong desire for another person. Eventually it may grow into true love or your feelings might wear away so don't jump into conclusions and mistake a silly crush for love. A crush might make you get butterflies in your stomach, shy, and blushful. Your crush can also cause you to do silly things like stalking him,figuring out his/her sceduled classes, looking at his/her myspace a million times a day (even reading all his/her comments), collecting every piece of information you can on him/her, and other obsessive things. There is a reason why a crush is called a crush though. It might hurt to find out your crush is taken--OUCH! But if you are truely still into this person DON'T let that stop you. There is still hope for the future. Until your desired lover is single again try developing a frienship! That way you'll always be an option. Good luck! ( :
Ps-Don't go OD on the stalker thing. Not only is it a turnoff--it's also pretty darn creppy...
Sometimes in school when you see you're crush walking down the hall the sounds of noisey fuckers come to a silence and everyone one fades away from your sight. Now all your see and hear is your crush glowing with a aurora like a beautiful god/godess.
by too shy for most guys October 17, 2006
To do something well, often, quickly, emphatically, with gusto, etc. Also to smoke marijuana.
Jane - "I got a 96 on my bio exam"
John - "You crushed that shit!"

"Catch me in the parking lot crushing
drawin' donuts, twistin' els and puffing"
by saaanz March 07, 2008
to be dressed in a manner that can be destroyed as sexy, majestic, impressive, phat etc. but only if it undeniably gains the admiration of many females (causing a love crush).

see flossing
- I wore the black sweater with my black jeans and black T and black jacket and black kicks to the liberty science center
- I know damn B you was crushin.. you a bad motha fucka
by Bela Lugosi August 05, 2004
verb. Another slang word for sex.
Ex: A my girl when you gone let me crush u.
by smartypants08 February 12, 2008
An exclamatory response used by athird party to point out someone's embaressment.
Man 1:what did you do yesterday?
Man 2:just to the movies with this fine ass girl!
Man 3:(enters)hey man i saw you at the movies with some type of beast yesterday. What WAS THAT!
Man 1:Crush! no that was a crush and burn!
by Big O January 28, 2004
Sometimes used to describe a kill in an online FPS, now rarely used, as it has been replaced by the word Frag
Gayman9000 Was Crushed By Bodmins Rocket launcher
by Bodmin-Zer0 November 16, 2003
Synonyms (Smash, Devour, tear up)
1. To eat everything available
2. To eat the last of somthing
3. To go somewhere to eat and make them work (buffet) cannot keep up with you.

Crushing is the art of smashing or devouring a food source primarily. To crush it to stuff ones self or run out of a certain item of food or drink.
1. I crushed the fridge
2. I crushed the rest of the cookies.
3. Lets go crush at (buffet of choice).
by Fretific July 23, 2006
Dade county term for shit.
Always wipe ya ass so there aint any crush in ya drawas
by Eyece January 22, 2007

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