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A party where you get a certain number of "crushes," which are invitations, to give out to your friends who are not in your house.
Wow our crush party last night was a lot of fun. I got really sick, though.
by herselfelf March 17, 2004
Generally a fraternity or sorority social event when one Greek invites a "crush" to the party. The person invited usually has no idea who sent the invite but will find out at the party. GDIs sometimes get lucky and show up.
frat guy #1 - dude, i just go an invite to a ZTA crush party.
frat guy #2 - who's it suppose to be from, you think?
frat guy #1 - i don't know but there was the girl i met at our band party. could be her.
frat guy #2 - we'll just have to wait and see.
by jamomo March 26, 2009