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According to Ciara, it's Crunk with a little R&B mixed in: Crunk & B.
Lil' Jon says that Ciara is the "First Lady of Crunk & B"
by Rabid Caterpillar April 17, 2005
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A genre of a mix of Hip Hop & R&B...
Ciara is Crunk&B album called goodies,
isn't she a cute lil' princess...
by balls II December 07, 2004
R&B mixed with Hip-Hop.
Mariah Carey was the first to feature a Hip-Hop artist on a single that was not a remix. It's now commonplace with Usher and Ciara the first male and female artists, respectively, to release Crunk & B singles - Usher with "Yeah" and Ciara with "Goodies".
#crunk n b #hip-hop #r&b #rap #crunk
by Mondoni January 12, 2006
Its the type of music that Ciara has started with Goodies.
Snoop: what is that music??
Ciara: Its crunk and b
Snoop: thats good shit
by MJ February 02, 2005
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