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Krun - Chee - Fah-jai-tuhs


1. An typical tex-mex dish, whereby the most important ingredient is crushed up taco chips
2. The crushed up taco chips denote the crunchy aspect of the fajitas
Putting crushed up taco chips in my fajitas made those Crunchy Fajitas the crunchiest fajitas ever!
by jfrymer March 30, 2012
"kruhn-chee" - "fah-Jayh-tuhs"

1. A thin strip of marinated or grilled meat, wrapped inside a soft tortilla, whose most important ingredient is crushed tortilla chips.
2. A regular tex-mex dish

2001-2008; < Canadian
Because of the crushed up the tortilla chips, that was the best crunchy fajitas I've ever had!
by Jfrymer1 February 28, 2012