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Taking a pick to the house, or causing a fumble.
Did you see me cause that fumble and take it to the house for a touchdown? That was a mother fuckin crunch bar!
by DaleTheSnail August 24, 2010
A person who is crunchy. They exhibit most of the qualities associated with hippies, including vegetarianism, birkenstock-wearing, poor personal hyegiene, and pot-smoking.
Our AP psych teacher is such a crunch bar, all we do is listen to weird ethnic music and talk about our feelings.
by somebody i used to know January 22, 2006
When someone is giving a rim job and then The rim job-ee takes a nutty shit.
hey did you go ass to mouth?
Yeah, but she crunch bar'd me!
by Corey M January 28, 2007
A girl that looks like the back of a crunch bar when she cakes makeup over her acne.
girl 1: this bitch be lookin like a crunch bar

girl 2: ew I know right

by Babycakes066 December 06, 2015
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