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1. A mild explative, used to indicate displeasure.
2. A unique and tasty home-made treat.
"Crudmuffin! I can't find my shoes."
John baked a batch of crudmuffins.
by Xaritel June 20, 2004
interjection: meaning darn, crap, shit, or "ooooo thats not good"
"Oh, crudmuffins, I left it at home!!!"
by kermit June 18, 2003
1. To be surprised

2. "Oh, Shit"

3. Muffins coverd in crap
First guy: "Dude, did u study for the test today?"
Second guy: "Crud muffins! I forgot"
by Stealthcrip October 12, 2005
1. A word to replace naugty words. Used when angry, scared or surprised. Can be used with holy.
"Holy crudmuffins!" Carol yelled as a mouse crawled on her shoe.
by </3 Alex April 19, 2006
a person who is generally perceived as attractive, but rather than a 'stud' they're 'crud'
david beckham is such a crud muffin
by georgiabeth February 06, 2009
A saying when you fall, screw something up or any other place where you would normally curse.
Crud Muffin! I forgot what the capital of Nevada is!
by Telus Mobility January 19, 2010
Another meaning for WTF....shit....u get it
by Hitller Samules May 10, 2009
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