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One that is invited to a Google+ Huddle, and does not participate in the Huddle.
"-Christina's a shitty Huddler.

-Yeah she's a cruddler."

"-Hey, why wasn't I invited??

-I invited everyone in the Huddle but you didn't see it 'cause you're a cruddler!"

"-Should I invite Christina to the Huddle?

-No, don't bother; she's a cruddler."
by tifferrr July 13, 2011
(n) Someone who continuously behaves in a manner that is unacceptable in society.
Person 1: Dude, I got kicked out of the State Theatre last night for refilling my beer bottle off the tap. I'm such a cruddler.

Person 2: Yeah and you didn't even leave a tip you fucking cruddler.
by ATOWN4LIFE September 16, 2007

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