CRUD: " acronym for 'Chalk River Unidentified Deposits.', highly radioactive substances found on the inside of piping and components at the Chalk River nuclear reactor ... CRUD has now become a standard industry term referring to minute, solid, corrosion products that travel into the reactor core, become highly radioactive, and then flow out of the reactor into other systems in the plant. ... CRUD can settle out in crevices or plate-out on the inside of piping in considerable quantities ... The major components of CRUD are iron, cobalt, chrome, and manganese ... CRUD is a concentrated source of radiation and represents a significant radiological risk because of its insolubility." (United States Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Testimony of James K. Joosten, September 15, 1997, pg. 13-14)
The reactor is full of Crud
by Hamishr June 30, 2005
white flaky stuff that cakes around your lips when it's cold out.
EWK! Did you just kiss Jason with all that crud on his lip?
by masterprisci December 30, 2007
a gang of vicious ninjas who are sworn to rid the world of pirates. The origin of the name CRUDS comes from the combination of Crips and Bloods.
Pirate 1: Arrrgh im a pirate
Pirate 2: Oh shit da Cruds are coming
*Cruds kill the pirates and the pirates' parrots)
by Chris Market March 12, 2005
the stuff that builds up under the toilet seat, behind the toilet, in peoples ears, and in between peoples legs.
Look at all that crud in there!
by Big Bad Bastard November 14, 2002
1) Stands for Chronic Really Ugly Disorder. Essentially, when someone is extremely hideous, they are said to be infected with CRUD.

2) An extremely hideous person who has sideburns, a pointy chin, bad acne, scraggly hair, and a large unibrow.
"Ew. I looked so ugly at the party. I think I might have caught CRUD."

"I'm a survivor of CRUD."
by Memous January 19, 2006
Dried semen and vaginal juices on bed clothes
He must have shagged her last night, his bedclothes are all covered in crud.
by SteveMick Pete December 04, 2005
slang for marijuana/weed
You got any cruds to sell?
by Kyle March 21, 2005
poo as hell
you are poo as hell or manchester united
by Rob Nash April 05, 2004

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