CRUD: " acronym for 'Chalk River Unidentified Deposits.', highly radioactive substances found on the inside of piping and components at the Chalk River nuclear reactor ... CRUD has now become a standard industry term referring to minute, solid, corrosion products that travel into the reactor core, become highly radioactive, and then flow out of the reactor into other systems in the plant. ... CRUD can settle out in crevices or plate-out on the inside of piping in considerable quantities ... The major components of CRUD are iron, cobalt, chrome, and manganese ... CRUD is a concentrated source of radiation and represents a significant radiological risk because of its insolubility." (United States Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Testimony of James K. Joosten, September 15, 1997, pg. 13-14)
The reactor is full of Crud
by Hamishr June 30, 2005
exclamation favord by Springfield's resident badboy, Nelson Muntz.
"I wish Nelson wouldn't use the word 'crud' around Bart so often."
by Marge Simpson October 20, 2003
n. What old people call phlegm.
Gramma: This will help you cough up all that crud.

Jimmy: I don't think castor oil will help, gramma.
by Linda Ronstadt February 04, 2010
Crust or gunk on the inside of your friend's mother's vagina
Dude, I was going to sleep with Nick's mom last night, but she had a bunch of crud in her vag!
by TheNumber1Jordy November 09, 2010
Some people say this is a swear word, it is a bad word used in kid's TV shows so it's okay to say. Its a less offensive word for shit and crap and is great for people who are afraid to swear to offensively. If you want to say it, say it when something goes terribly wrong.
Oh Crud! Someone saw us!!!
by an alien who has visited earth January 01, 2012
A repulsive person who has no idea what personal hygine is, they usually have very greasy hair/greasy face/smudged makeup/either no or very grimy looking teeth and each one of them have a distinct smell that either smells of garbage, asshole, or just plain shit. These cruds go days or even weeks without bathing. They are usually emotionally disturbed and think they are scene/emo. They often get into a lot of fights. They exchange clothing and other objects with the other cruds. Their clothing is usually slutty and revealing and very disgusting. When you smell a true crud you will literally gag because it is so intense and you can always smell it from a distance. Most of the time they are on drugs. Some of them wind up pregnant at a young age and reproduce future crud offspring in which should never ever happen, often cruds are a little whack in the brain
You: This place smells.
Someone: Yeah. It's swarming with cruds.

Does that crud even know what soap is?

These cruds are showing too much PDA and it is absolutely sickening.

There are too many cruds in Tower City
by danied6969 July 02, 2011
Abbreviation for Create, Read, Update, Delete. These are the most common operations for data(rows) in computer applications and databases. Frameworks usually aim to tackle these CRUD operations to simplify a programmers common and repetetive tasks.
For this project we're not using any library or framework, so we have to write all the CRUD operations ourselves.
by caekmonstr September 08, 2010
What one says when one is afraid to say crap.
Person 1: *hits person 2*
Person 2: Holy - er.... crud!
by bat_hero August 29, 2009

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