CRUD: " acronym for 'Chalk River Unidentified Deposits.', highly radioactive substances found on the inside of piping and components at the Chalk River nuclear reactor ... CRUD has now become a standard industry term referring to minute, solid, corrosion products that travel into the reactor core, become highly radioactive, and then flow out of the reactor into other systems in the plant. ... CRUD can settle out in crevices or plate-out on the inside of piping in considerable quantities ... The major components of CRUD are iron, cobalt, chrome, and manganese ... CRUD is a concentrated source of radiation and represents a significant radiological risk because of its insolubility." (United States Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Testimony of James K. Joosten, September 15, 1997, pg. 13-14)
The reactor is full of Crud
by Hamishr June 30, 2005
a word used instead of "crap" most people say this if they do not curse so instead they use crud which sounds very similar yet some people who curse say crud anyway. crud can mean poop, sludge, slime, or pretty much anything goopy or sludgy.
aw crud
by phynomonouse January 28, 2009
subsitute for the word crap, or something described as crusty and nasty
"crud.. i lost my dollar"
"damn crudy earwax"
by Dawn October 07, 2002
crap used to describe performance or reaction as bad.
replacing words such as crap and shit
"oh crud, i messed it up!"
"that was crud"
by adam pooler June 23, 2007
Some good marijuana; also referred to as kush.
Man who do you know that's got some crud?
by Bmarie1221 December 18, 2014
A slang term for a common cold that makes your body hurt, joints ache, makes your head swim, and just makes you feel like utter crap.
Brenda gave me the crud. Now I'm gonna be stuck in bed for 5 days.

by OldFart1780 April 16, 2007
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