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A word used by people who think it is somehow clever to cobine the words Rubbish and Crap. Which in itself is both rubbish and crap.
'That is sooooooo crubbish!!!!!!! Yay I'm sooooooo cool!!!'
by anon2oo1 February 25, 2010
this is instead of saying crap or rubbish and it is instead of swearing.
miss b: you have a detention
boy:thats cra im mean crubbish
by annispanni111 June 16, 2011
when creative thinking process is used but unfortunately the outcome is rubbish due to the narrow-minded path of thinking.
"This'll be clever if I advertise my business on this fun site, because people might just want to browse for a house in between, Huh, Huh, Huh " (NOT!)
"I fink I will be cleverer dan everyone, and waste spaceses on dat gud interweb site
by Maikeru March 11, 2005
a mixture of crap and rubbish, generally used when you have an opinion on something but don't quite know how to put it.
music teacher won't let female pupil join his male vocal group, because she tried to hand in joint homework that is simply crubbish.
by Tom and Georgina April 28, 2006
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