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To aimlessly drive through neighborhoods, drinking beer and philosphphically discussing the world as you know it.

A phonetically funny combination of the words "booze" and "cruise"
Lets crooze the neighborhood and talk about how much fun it would be to light up some zombies out the top of the moonroof with an AR-15.
by turboj0e November 05, 2010
crooze defines a "Tom Cruise" like moment in a movie.
"enough to appreciate some CROOZE action sequences and constant CROOZE scenery", MI:2 synopsys
by Richard Spence October 24, 2007
1) To poon, to pwn ,to hav a laugh all over something.
2) to cum over someones face
'I'd crooze on that pussy'

'Yeh man, after i crooze you on halo!'
by Overell1338 October 15, 2008
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