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Being stoned, drunk, crazy, wild, unpredictable or generally down for a good time at any time. Good times. Originated by Brock Damien McGinnis of Ormond by the Sea Florida.
"Man I'm stoned to the chromosomes, x and y."
"Wutsup cromoman?" "Cromosapien, what's happening?" "Gettin' cromo!"
by Mike Patrick Kowall October 20, 2008
4 2

A Person who´s not only of white complection, but is also a homosexual.

The racial slur "Craker" Makes up the Cr". The sexual orientation of homosexual makes up the "omo" (which is part of homo which is Homosexual in short).

One has to be both a cracka' and a homosexual to become a cromo.

Cromo is also the opposite of Mexirican
Andrew is a Cromo.

Person 1: You´re dumb
Person 2: Shut up you Mexirican
Person 1: You fucking Cromo.
by Diosito July 13, 2006
4 7
A person who is a crazy homosexual.
There were a lot of cromos in that gay strip club.
by Glen Asaro September 01, 2007
1 5