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Cristi Rose is the most awesome thing with a vagina. She likes to rip faces off and cause grown men too pee their pants. She throws down in shady parks lots but she also cuddles good. Shes once wrestled a mother bear and ate her cubs. She made baby bear enchiladas and brought them to the church cook-out. She called me a twat-waffle once and I masterbated to the sound of her voise in my head for a month. People in Zimbabwe consider her God and worship images of her carved out of gold. They then pour Dos xx all over her likeness to ensure a plentyful harvest and fertile women.
Travis Pastrama once seen Cristi Rose at the Sierra Minit Mart and told her she was pretty.
#awesome #fuck yeah #twat-waffle #flavorgasm #nipples
by Marky-GG August 07, 2009
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