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A sweet southern soul. A Criss-Ann embellishes a lustful determination to create a bountiful harvest of edible extravaganza for all those that she loves. Furthermore, Criss-Ann nurtures others with unconditional support that beams from every fiber of her being.

Although Criss-Ann's have an intuitive essence of being, her soul exudes comedy. Criss-Ann's tend to have smallish hands. Yet, even with itty-bitty hands, Criss-Ann's show how large of a heart they have. On the other hand, (no pun intended) if you cross her she will rage and pop your head like tiny bubbles on the stage of a Lawrence Welk show.
Person 1: "Dude, try this banana pudding Criss-Ann made.
Person 2: "Bro, that is so Criss-Ann, big taste made with itty-bitty hands!"

We should all be so lucky to have a Criss-Ann is our lives!
by kendrhodes March 21, 2011
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