another word for emo jesus.
criss angel is the best magician that has ever lived.
by squilliam November 18, 2006
see hack or douche bag
A horrible illusionist or magician who makes people believe he has some sort of skill by using camera tricks. Next time you see his garbage show on tv notice how many times he says "what you see is what you get" or "no cuts watch this is just one take" and it instantly cuts to another angle. The fact that he repeatedly says those "just one take" lines is him trying to overcompensate for his non existant "magic skills"
A self proclaimed "mind freak" whose biggest trick could possibly be signing a contract with A&E for his shit show for more than one season.
If he wanted to impress me he should make his shitty show disapear.
criss angel is a hack and he talks like a homosexual.
For a visual criss bashing check this link
by shit_fuck March 26, 2007
A once good magician who now drinks too much and offers drunk women money to flash him.
I'm Criss Angel. Show me your tits.
by Yomima April 28, 2007
A fucking faggot who has the shittest illusions and makes people think he does all of this shit. Uses film editing so he portray levitating, teleporting, and such other things. No he didnt walk up the wall you dumbass. its called turning the camera sideways so you can portray walking up a wall idiot. Another thing, he didnt get runover either jackass. He jumped on the car before it rammed him into the brick walls. Watch the video and see it for yourself. Doesnt hurt that bad to have a few bricks hit you. The only thing he has ever mindfreaked is you idiots beleiving his shit is real you fucking morons.
Criss Angel=Phony
Criss Angel=Faggot
Criss Angel=Fake lispe
Criss Angel=Idiot
Criss Angel=Queer
Criss Angel=Magic fag
Criss Angel=Emo
Criss Angel=Quief
by Criss Angel July 06, 2006

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