A douche bag who thinks he can do tricks on television like float and walk on water. But he is a fraud just like a person who can do card tricks.
Criss Angel is a douchbag
#criss #angel #magic #trick #douchebag
by MrCrimXen May 06, 2010

A man who is obviously a closet homo, and uses creative camera angles and middle aged women to give him credit as an "Illusionist"

"I am Criss Angel. Where is my eye liner and hair gel?"
#fag #40 year old emo douche #poo pusher #ass pirate #bad actor
by Criss Angels Hairspray December 09, 2008
You're getting someone from behind and then in the middle of the act get a fruit, vegetable, or random object that is a shaped like your member and jam into into the hole and then scream and jump off of the bed. If it is a girl it is also known as the Houdini.
My Boyfriends penis fell off in my butthole, and said he was Criss Angel.
#houdini #sex #cucumber #anus #anal #booty hole #sex act #criss angel
by douche Nozzel August 02, 2008
Criss Angel is what some people call an "illusionist", although I prefer to think of him as a comedian, because there is no way that he takes himself seriously. His "stunts" are performed in front of a "live audience" which mostly consists of gullible ditzy girls and/or druggies in a city park; this is why the people on his show believe that he can really pull a woman's torso off and have her two halves walk away. While entertaining, his act is clearly not real. If you believe he went through a wood chipper, you've got a problem.
Criss Angel has a show called Mindfreak that is really hard to watch without falling out of your seat from intense lawling.
#xd #illusionist #fake #final cut #stoned
by zomgzhaxed October 26, 2007
1.The hottest man you will ever see.
2.One of THE best illusionists ever.
OMG Criss Angel is soooooo hot!!!!!
#criss angel #gorgeous #hot #mindfreak #illusionist
by gbfdvereg January 03, 2008
A illusionist that messes up all the time. He's the ugliest guy in the world. Hes greasy, too muscular, and it looks like he never takes a bath and brushes his hair. If you think he's cute, your CRAZY!!! He has the dumbest show in this universe called "Criss Angel Mindfreak" He sucks at magic, he's extremely arrogant. It looks like he would date a guy, and his voice is so annoying. He has this retarded lisp, and he's stuck on himself. He thinks he's all that when he's actually a loser. Criss Angel sucks, DON'T like him, and DON'T watch his stupid fake show.
Criss Angel is UGLY!
Criss Angel SUCKS!
#lisp #loser #ugly #fag #retarded
by 80's pop girl June 25, 2008
the hottest most sexiest illusionist in the world. He idolizes Houdini and just hearing the name of him can get a teenage girls' hormones rising faster than you can blink. thats how sexy he is.
he's only 40 years old and looks like a 25 year old man!
girl1: hey wat ya watchin?
girl2: criss angel mindfreak
*girl one starts breathing frantically*
g2: hey you okay?
g1: NO take me to the hospital!
#sexy #horny #criss #angel #mindfreak
by actress to be July 23, 2008
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