A illusionist that messes up all the time. He's the ugliest guy in the world. Hes greasy, too muscular, and it looks like he never takes a bath and brushes his hair. If you think he's cute, your CRAZY!!! He has the dumbest show in this universe called "Criss Angel Mindfreak" He sucks at magic, he's extremely arrogant. It looks like he would date a guy, and his voice is so annoying. He has this retarded lisp, and he's stuck on himself. He thinks he's all that when he's actually a loser. Criss Angel sucks, DON'T like him, and DON'T watch his stupid fake show.
Criss Angel is UGLY!
Criss Angel SUCKS!
by 80's pop girl June 25, 2008
Top Definition
modern-day mystifier, daredevil and mindfreak, able to read minds, bend forks, float napkins and eat razors. Has survived: being underwater for 24 hours, being lit on fire, walking 200ft above ground blindfolded, being blown up, run over with a humv, hung from hooks...

Criss Angel is awesome.

Check out Criss Angel this summer on A&E!
by Loyal Jess May 03, 2005
the worlds best illusionist
by harlow October 28, 2003
one of the greatest illusionists ever (in my opinion)
this man is beautiful,
very talented
by loner August 09, 2003

A man who is obviously a closet homo, and uses creative camera angles and middle aged women to give him credit as an "Illusionist"

"I am Criss Angel. Where is my eye liner and hair gel?"
by Criss Angels Hairspray December 09, 2008
The best ilusionist ever! (Despite what other people may tell you.)
Watch Criss Angel on A&E at 10:00 P.M., like i do!
by Word Master123 August 24, 2006
Middle aged man who dresses as a goth kid and is an ideological Bigot.
"Who is Criss Angel?"
by J ackalope February 05, 2008
A man who can make magical illusions happen to appear very very real. He has had A television show for years now and he can do many amazing things. He is most definitely ftw. He is also known by his stage name Mindfreak.
I am going to Las Vegas to See the amazing magician Criss Angel.
by the future mrs. bieber December 28, 2010

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