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A Crisis Queen is someone who profits or takes pleasure in injecting themselves into an event of stress or calamity. They often have very little connection to the problem at hand but that does not stop them from swooping in and "helping out". The real problem is that they most often make the situation worse and can turn a small incident into a major headache. They can be either a man or a woman, a reverend or a minister. The Crisis Queen is related to Drama Queen but the CQ often has an ulterior motive and wants to see the situation get negative. They are basically a high profile ambulance chaser with higher stakes.
General Motors and the Unions were close to an agreement on their contracts until the Crisis Queens got involved. Now it looks like they're all headed towards bankruptcy.
As if we these poor flood victims weren't in bad enough shape, now the Crisis Queen has arrived and wants to blame the government for not stopping the rains.
by Miwok April 07, 2009
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