a severly dissatisfactory state of affairs.
What a crippler! I've got no money left!
by jiggawatt129 May 09, 2003
Top Definition
A sex position. So hard core you'll cripple your girl.
Guy 1: Hey man i just had sex with her
Guy 2: What position?
Guy 1: Crippler. Shes in a wheelchair now.
by cripplingpostisionman April 04, 2010
The Crippler is a person with a huge penis.
Do yo wanna see the crippler?
by Mungzilla November 03, 2007
a toke, or hit, or marajuana which leaves the inhalant temporarily totally incapacitated. Usually coming on the immediate heels of prior consumption.
"Dude, we'd head now, but Aaron just blew a CRIPPLER."
by mainframe October 31, 2003
The crippler is when you have to shit so bad that you can hardly walk to the restroom. Generally produces cramp like effects in your anus with pain so bad you can't walk.
I was headed for the restroom when I got hit by the crippler and almost shit my pants.
by king of the shitters August 12, 2009
Very strong or potent marajuana.
This stuff is the crippler, man!
by clay west May 17, 2003
to fuck a girl so hard that its hard for her to walk after
dude she's walking funny, did you give her a crippler?
by AbiNurse August 11, 2007
The biggest, and baddest bong ever created. Sitting at 5 feet tall it can stun just about anyone.
He just hit the crippler, he is done.
by Diesel April 01, 2005
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