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To drink or consume alcohol in order to become Crunk.
Dave - "Hey Mike I'm keen to do some crinking."

Mike - "Yeah Dave - lets get Crunk!"
by rustneverdies December 22, 2009
a wedgie
JESUM!Eliza just picked her crink!!!!
by chelsea April 05, 2004
An ex-boyfriend whom you question why you even dated them. Used in a negative connotation.
Kayla: Marc is such a crink, I don't even know why I dated him.
Kirsten: He is kind of abnormal.
by KKExtravaganza April 28, 2011
The present tense of crunk.
Crink is a word that nobody uses.
by The Benn April 09, 2007
Another word for "cool, awesome, fly, rad, price."
"Dude, that new truck is crink."
by Crockett-Cracker April 11, 2008
The art of getting crunk
Have a crink!
Crink up!
by Aaron February 10, 2005
short hand for creative thinking
Let's crink on this!
by Crinker May 16, 2010