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1. v. to eat a girl out while she is on her period.


2. v. to throat-fuck an individual to the point that your balls slap against their face with such voracity that their chin becomes chapped and red, thus giving them a "crimson chin".

Daringly, these two actions can be performed at the same time to result in what can only be described as potentially one of the leakiest sex acts.
"I agreed to let Susie crimson chin me, only if she let me do the same to her."
by spacecat September 24, 2014
when 69ing with a girl on her period, eating out her pussy with one's tongue and massage her clit with one's chin.
"I crimson chin'd that pussy"
"hardcore crimson chin action"
by anonymouspawnymous January 12, 2012
When a guy eats a girl out while she is on her period.
Ewww d00d, you ate her out on her period just now? Your have a crimson chin faggot.
by Kvansn April 15, 2008
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