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To complain. A mild form of whining.
Quit cribbing about how rough your day has been.
by Virgo4 January 11, 2010
67 34
Cribbing is the naval slang for cheating in a exam and getting away with it like only a true champion does.
"Did you just crib that last exam" "Hell yeah my cribbing is top notch"
by Steven Andrews July 04, 2006
46 26
The act of of chilling at the crib.
What are your plans for the day?.....I'm not sure, right now I'm just cribbing until something comes up.
by Polo Spoon November 03, 2012
7 4
sleeping at someone elses place.
i'm cribbing wit chuu this weekend baby.
by Jzo September 15, 2009
16 13
A weird way to pronounce craving.
Licking you all the time is a cribbing of mine...
by Jinxi July 26, 2005
8 38