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A term originally refering to a tagger, Later referring to a gang of youths in the late 1990's. This "Creo" of wild young men led by Module. The "Father of Creo Research," and made "Creo" into a term which meant victory of the street. But this word has become wildy popular with todays subculture of unsupervised street urchins. And has now joined the likes of Cool.
While driving down the road a person might screem "CREO YA FUCK" out the window at you!
by RUBEXCUBE April 21, 2005
101 28
A beautiful girl that means everything to me!! I am deeply in love with her, and noone else.
People should Know how great she Is.
Creo is amazing.

me and her both hate everyone except for each other.

shes my baby oreo
by slipknotkid August 23, 2008
9 74
commonly used to describe a person acting like a dick or a person that is pissing you off.
Your a fucking creo, get lost.
by jondawg May 14, 2006
21 107